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French DJ and producer Simo Cell has ignited excitement within the electronic music world by announcing his debut album, 'Cuspide des Sirènes,' scheduled for release on September 14 via his TEMƎT Music label. Building on his celebrated catalogue, including the acclaimed 'YES.DJ' EP from 2021, Simo Cell's upcoming 14-track album is set to showcase his prowess in world-building and genre-blending.

Embarking on a sonic journey that combines his distinctive musical vision with an enchanting narrative, Simo Cell's 'Cuspide des Sirènes' explores themes of magic, charm, allure, and personal fears. The album's protagonist, portrayed by the artist himself, embarks on a quest to unveil a hidden lake and confront inner demons, ultimately seeking to comprehend and harness his own power.

Introducing a sneak peek of the album, Simo Cell recently unveiled the first single, 'behind the waterfall,' last month on July 26. Accompanying the track were two bonus versions - a 'sped up' rendition and an 'acapella' cut. The full album, 'Cuspide des Sirènes,' is set for digital release on September 14, with plans for a physical edition on the horizon.

Breaking new ground in the realm of music releases, 'Cuspide des Sirènes' will also be offered in an 8-bit format through an extremely limited edition Gameboy cartridge. Crafted, designed, and developed by Marin Nicolle with additional contributions from Olivier Druais, this unique edition of the album invites listeners to experience the journey through a world teeming with enigmatic creatures, sirens, and underwater waterfalls - all encapsulated within a Gameboy cartridge.

As anticipation builds, fans of Simo Cell can look forward to diving into the depths of 'Cuspide des Sirènes' as it explores uncharted musical territories, merging genres, and inviting listeners into a world of sonic enchantment.

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