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SIIGHTS have dropped a brand new track, ‘Stay A While’, teasing their new EP following lead single 'Fake It'. Also being confirmed to support Dylan next month on her UK tour and being confirmed for this year's TRNSMT festival, SIIGHTS are on a mission to be a name we all know.

‘Stay A While’ showcases a tender, hugely-accomplished new side of SIIGHTS, transporting a love of early Swift and Alanis Morisette into affecting and universal pop. Written and produced by the band themselves back in Dublin, SIIGHTS see this as

“a love song at the core - but it’s phrased in a gentle, unassuming way, of someone realising they could potentially see themselves with this person in the future.” With a chorus nodding, lyrically, to the theme of “Forever” in their childhood anthems, ‘Stay A While’ kickstarts a brand new year for a band to keep firmly in your SIIGHTS.

Raised in Dublin and Glasgow respectively, SIIGHTS first came into view by chance in Los Angeles, where Mia and Toni were hustling in the studio for others. A fish-out-of-water experience, even after the most gruelling days there proved to be an obvious connection between the pair (whether in the music they longed to make for themselves, or shared Gaelic humour).

As artists, producers, and multi-instrumentalists full of DIY spirit, there is more to SIIGHTS than might meet the eye of a thrilling recent banger, ‘Fake It’. The double I’s represent their two identities, but also allude to deeper meanings across the band’s work; whether foresight, hindsight, or the broadened horizons they long to find in their own lives, and for other passionate young women in the creative industries.

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