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Contemporary dubstep artist SICARIA has unveiled her latest single, 'Still Swingin,' following on from a fresh series of tour dates across the US, giving us a preview of what to expect on her forthcoming debut EP, 'Blood, Sweat & Self.'

'Still Swingin' draws inspiration from distinctive krakeb rhythms and percussive elements found in Gnawa music, representing a deep dive into SICARIA's Moroccan heritage. Serving up as a vibrant and rhythmic fusion of tradition and innovation, she smoothly pays homage to her past that built her while boldly exploring the future. 'Still Swingin' stands as a testament to the universal power of music to transcend boundaries and convey a story that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. Speaking about 'Still Swingin,' SICARIA expressed,

“'Still Swingin' holds a special place in my heart. It represents a departure from the familiar sounds of dubstep, offering a unique glimpse into the diverse tapestry of my musical influences. Drawing deeply from my Moroccan heritage, it serves as a love letter to the rich traditions and captivating rhythms of Gnawa music. Gnawa ceremonies have always held a profound fascination for me. Their deeply hypnotic, trance-inducing melodies use music and dance to summon ancestral saints, believed to possess healing powers. To recreate this entrancing atmosphere, I wove in rhythmic melodies and call-and-response chants that echo the spirit of Gnawa.”

'Still Swingin' is part of the 'Blood, Sweat & Self' EP, alongside the previously released 'Freak 2 Freak.' 'Blood, Sweat & Self' is a four-track exploration of self, inspired by artist and photographer Cindy Sherman's decades-long practice of photographing herself under various guises. Within the boundaries of 140 BPM, the EP will showcase different facets of SICARIA's psyche, from her Moroccan heritage to sugary vocal chops that nod to her softer side.

SICARIA is positioned for an exciting journey in the world of music as a solo artist.

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