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Contemporary dubstep queen reflects on her solo journey, inspirations, and the transformative power of art

Contemporary dubstep sensation SICARIA unveils her solo debut EP, "Blood, Sweat & Self," a riveting 4-track exploration inspired by artist Cindy Sherman's self-portraits. With a blend of Moroccan heritage, sugary vocal chops, and empowering themes, SICARIA takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery within the pulsating beats of 140 BPM.

The story all begins with SICARIA's university days, studying geography at UCL, where a serendipitous entry into the radio scene sparked her passion for DJing. Networking with influential DJs and incorporating her work into live sets marked her transition into music production. Her explosive live performances have taken her across the globe, sharing stages with industry legends like Skrillex, Flowdan, and Peekaboo.

Aptly named "Blood, Sweat & Self," represents a personal portrayal created entirely solo, devoid of collaborations. With each track crafted in her home studio, the EP aims to be an extension of SICARIA's personality, showcasing diverse sounds reflecting her broad musical influences. Drawing inspiration from renowned artist Cindy Sherman, known for her powerful self-portraits. SICARIA decided to integrate this visual artistry into her music, portraying different facets of her personality with each track. The choice to draw oracle cards featuring prominent artists, particularly Cindy Sherman, added a unique layer to SICARIA's creative process, emphasizing the transformative potential of art.

Opening the project, SICARIA pays homage to her Moroccan heritage with "Still Swinging" as she weaves elements inspired by Gnawa music, creating a rhythmic tapestry that pays tribute to her cultural roots. Setting the tone for female empowerment, "Freak 2 Freak" serves as an anthem of individual motivation and self-expression with a strong female vocalist taking the stage. As the project progresses into "(Not So) Serious Ting", SICARIA sways away from the dubstep sounds of "Freak 2 Freak" as she challenges musical boundaries with a melodic fusion of grime and dancehall as she celebrates the North West London grime and dancehall scene. As the project comes to an end, SICRIA offers up a reflective and emotive track, "Tout De Sweet," as she shows her ability to craft melodies that touch the soul.

"Blood, Sweat & Self" is not just a musical collection; it is a profound exploration of self and a tribute to the transformative power of art. SICARIA's debut solo venture promises to make a lasting impact in the electronic music scene, showcasing her versatility and dedication to authentic self-expression.


Words by: Liam Tyler

Photography by: Melony Lemon

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