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Shay Lia
In a world hungry for musical innovation, the multi-dimensional artist Shay Lia returns with an electrifying new single that is destined to set dance floors ablaze.

"UPSIDE DOWN," this disco-infused track, not only demonstrates Shay Lia's versatile approach to music but also heralds the exciting announcement of her forthcoming album "FACETS," scheduled for release on October 20th. With its upbeat tempo and infectious melodies, "UPSIDE DOWN" invites listeners to let loose and celebrate the universal joys of life. Let's dive into the groove and explore the radiant world that Shay Lia is creating.

Serving as a sonic masterpiece that effortlessly blends transcendent melodies with funky disco guitar riffs, all set to an irresistible groove, the track's pulsating energy is impossible to resist, and it beckons listeners to hit the dancefloor without hesitation.

The chorus, "Take me to a world / Spin me around / Upside & down," encapsulates the carefree spirit of the dance scene, urging everyone to let go and embrace the exuberance of the moment. As the song progresses, a lush string section elevates Shay's uplifting vocal hooks, adding a touch of grandeur to the already vibrant soundscape.

With her upcoming album "FACETS," Shay Lia invites her audience on a journey through the various lives she has lived across different places and times. The album serves as a mirror to her diverse influences and experiences, showcasing the myriad sides of her artistic expression. Each track in "FACETS" is a distinct facet of Shay's creativity, woven together to create a tapestry of sound that resonates with a broad range of emotions.

With its disco-infused euphoria, the single encapsulates the spirit of freedom, love, and authenticity that Shay embodies. As we eagerly await the release of her album "FACETS," we can anticipate a multifaceted collection that resonates with the diverse lives and emotions that define us all.

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