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Multi-talented artist Shay Lia wastes no time in delivering another infectious track, "ON THE LOW," produced by her long-time collaborator Kaytranada, serving as a precursor to her upcoming album, "FACETS."

Using her soft, sultry vocals to question her lover's intentions and express her frustration with the unpredictable nature of their relationship. Challenging it all while effortlessly blending her voice with the infectiously funky backdrop we've come to expect from her, "ON THE LOW" marks the duo's 10th collaboration and showcases their undeniable musical chemistry. With a winding bassline, melodic accents, and Shay's captivating vocals, it's a track designed to get dancefloors moving and hips swaying worldwide.

Offering insight into her long-standing partnership with Kaytranada, explaining that "ON THE LOW" demonstrates their growth as artists. She shares,

"When you listen to it, you can tell we have both been explorative in our growth over time. This production sat on my computer for years and it wasn't connecting for me until I saw Kaytra in Paris this past June. I felt reinspired, and we were able to tap back into our natural way of collaborating and sharing a frequency."

Speaking about her upcoming album 'FACETS' and its title, Shay Lia explains that the project "speaks to all of the lives I've lived in different cities, countries, times, and spaces. It's impossible for me to sit comfortably in one specific genre because while my vision is clear, my influences and experiences are layered… it's an intentional demonstration of all sides of me, and I can't wait for everyone to hear it, feel it, and see parts of themselves in it."

'FACETS' promises to be a testament to her boundless creativity, as an artist born in France, raised in Djibouti, and now residing in Montreal, Shay Lia brings her worldly experiences to each release, creating an authentic and captivating musical journey.

Poised to make a significant impact on the music scene, further solidifying her reputation as a boundary-pushing and genre-blurring artist, her commitment to exploring various facets of herself and her artistry ensures an exciting and dynamic listening experience for fans worldwide.

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