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Rising Liverpool-based rapper/singer SHARP has made his 2023 debut with the release of 'MY FRIENDS' which sees him head into a new vein of lo-fi house and alternative rap.

Focusing on friendships, SHARP lays down catching hooks detailing the thoughts about missing your friends - something we can all relate to - over sweet melodies and infectious drums produced by Cloubee. Being only a short but sweet track, SHARP's lyrical capabilities are highlighted throughout with its catchy chorus and relatable bars. Speaking on the track SHARP explained,

“MY FRIENDS is really just about friendship. Looking back on those times with your friends that make you happy and wishing they could happen all over again. I have amazing and supportive friends and this song is a showing of my appreciation for them. It’s easy to get caught up in whatever you’ve got going on and forget how important the people around you are”.

Being in the works for a few years now with SHARP first crafting it a number of years ago, this track is something of a labour of love. After being long forgotten, SHARP found himself revisiting the track before he got it to its final form. With SHARP teasing it over on Instagram and Tik Tok, he's had his followers heavily requested ever since.

With UK rap royalty Kojey Radical already showing love for this rising star, I think it's time we all lock-in.

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