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Silky Vocals and Nostalgic Melodies Weave a Tale of Emotions in This Empowering Summer Anthem.

In a harmonious fusion of soulful vocals and evocative melodies, Shaé Universe takes us on a journey through the intricate landscape of human emotions with her latest intimate single, "Passenger Princess," as she resonates with those bittersweet moments of trying to move on from a past relationship.

"Passenger Princess" is a melodic masterpiece where Shaé's velvety voice takes centre stage, wrapped gently between nostalgic guitar licks and a minimalistic production by TSB. "Passenger Princess"'s ethereal soundscapes provide the perfect backdrop for the introspective lyrics that navigate the complexities of love and heartache, it's a musical narrative that speaks to the universal experience of grappling with emotions that are both painful and empowering. Shaé Universe's personal connection to the song shines through as she shares her inspiration:

"Passenger Princess was birthed from bittersweet feelings about my ex at the time. He’d sent me roses all the way from LA and I still wasn’t over everything we’d been through when I received them, so I put all my mixed emotions into this song."

This emotional rawness is what makes the song resonate deeply with listeners, capturing the essence of those grey areas of life that are often hard to navigate.

Beyond its melodic beauty, "Passenger Princess" offers a message of understanding and self-acceptance. Shaé's words echo the sentiments of many who find themselves tangled in the complexities of human connections:

"The song’s deeper message of not always knowing exactly how to navigate situations is part of being a human with feelings. A part that sometimes frustrates us but hopefully, through this song, people feel seen and confident enough to accept this grey area of life."

As Shaé Universe continues to captivate hearts and minds with her distinct sound and relatable narratives, "Passenger Princess" stands as a testament to her artistic growth and ability to touch the core of human experiences through music.

In a year that has marked significant milestones for her, one thing is certain: Shaé's journey has only just begun.

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