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Shaé Universe welcomes us back into her captivating musical world with her latest single, 'LOML' (Love Of My Life).

Produced by Sons of Sonix, this nostalgic track takes listeners on a journey back to the 2000s R&B era, complete with smooth guitar licks and minimal production, Shaé showcases her vocal versatility as she seamlessly shifts between ethereal runs, velvety tones, and honeyed melodies. Speaking about the new single, Shaé Universe shares her inspiration:

“I remember writing ‘LOML’ like it was yesterday. I was in LA, it was early afternoon, and the sun was beaming through the prettiest blue sky. I was in with the producing duo SOS (Sons of Sonix), and my partner at the time decided to come to the studio with me that day. I sat face-to-face with him, with my notes app open, and began to write down the first things that came to heart. That’s how LOML was written. I drew my inspiration for the whole song directly from what I felt as I sat across from him.

This is definitely one of, if not THE most heartfelt song I have ever written as it was birthed from pure vulnerability & honeymoon love. It’s very special to me & I can’t wait for its timelessness to unfold.”

'LOML' follows her recent single, 'Passenger Princess', a track that serves as an empowering ode to an ex-lover, and her highly-anticipated debut on COLORS with the radiant performance of 'Summertime'.

In her current era, Shaé Universe continues to make a global impact, 2023 is shaping up to be a monumental year for Shaé Universe.

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