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SEB, the LA-based artist and producer, has recently unveiled his latest project, 'we were so beautiful,' an EP composed primarily of love songs that delve deep into the realms of musical exploration. Fresh off his first tour in the US, supporting JAWNY, and international dates in London, Paris, Copenhagen, and Brighton, SEB has returned to his roots in California to share his newest creations with the world.

The EP's lead single, "home2u," showcases SEB's prowess in crafting pulsating house rhythms that drive listeners to dance. However, it's the unexpected bridge, infused with his admiration for The Beatles, that truly demonstrates the artist's far-reaching personal taste. Inspired by icons such as Tyler, The Creator, Grimes, and Joni Mitchell, SEB effortlessly weaves together references from disparate worlds to create his own unique and limitless musical space.

In a recent interview, SEB shared that he sought inspiration from fiction while working on this project. Unlike his previous works, which served as snapshots of his life, 'we were so beautiful' is a collection of short stories, each exploring a plethora of emotions through the language of love songs. Heartbreak, fear, love, and fun, all beautifully captured in this enchanting musical odyssey.

The standout track "sugarhoneyiceicetea" has become a fan favorite at live shows, a testament to SEB's ability to merge different aspects of his musical identity into one seamless composition. From dreamy bedroom pop to a virtuosic jazz bridge, SEB showcases his mastery by playing all the instruments himself.

The EP 'we were so beautiful' emerges as a pivotal moment for SEB, showcasing his growth as an artist who refuses to be confined by labels or expectations. Breaking out of his own interpersonal stories, SEB crafts sounds that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact on his audience, especially in the live setting. This EP stands as a testament to his artistry, which knows no boundaries, and leaves us eagerly anticipating what he will create next.

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