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Multi-talented artist sbk is back with a brand new self-produced track titled 'BRUDDAS DEM.'

Showcasing his versatility with hard-hitting production, effortlessly complemented by laid-back vocals taking an alternative approach to his lyrics. Adapting elements of American mumble rap, whilst still staying true to his British roots, 'BRUDDAS DEM' stands as a fully self-produced track. Coming as the final single from his highly anticipated new mixtape 'HANXIETY,' the standards have been set high for this forthcoming project.

Coming after a successful couple of months playing at the renowned Texas festival, SXSW, and his headline show at Hootananny Brixton, sbk is on a roll making his mark on the scene. Being only 21 years old, SBK has already built an impressive catalogue of music, with his first single released at the age of 13. Notable releases like 'Level Up' and 'Uphill Struggle' have solidified his presence in the industry. Receiving co-signs from the grime greats, he is now carving out his own unique sound, drawing inspiration from emo, punk, trap, and alternative music.

2023 holds great promise for this versatile young star, who, despite his age, boasts seven years of experience in the underground UK scene. sbk continues to evolve as an artist, and his upcoming mixtape release, 'HANXIETY,' further solidifies his position as a seasoned veteran in the music industry.

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