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Santino Le Saint, the upcoming talented singer-songwriter from Brixton, has released his fourth single titled 'who knew,' taken from his upcoming EP 'new material' set to be released within June.

Co-written and produced with Benjamin & Thomas Totten and BAFTA-nominated producer Elevated, 'who knew' delves into the uncomfortable feeling of discovering someone's negative side a little too late. The delicate guitar chords serve as the perfect backdrop for Santino to exhibit his sensual vocals, continuing a stream of acoustic singles where the singer has stripped everything bare.

Within his forthcoming project, Santino continues to showcase his voice and raw talent, solidifying his position as one of the UK's most celebrated vocalists. With an array of support already rolling in, this is for sure going to be a standout project within the UK scene within 2023.

Santino Le Saint's upbringing immersed him in South London's rich musical history, where he has been surrounded by music from an early age. He credits his father - a member of the pioneering rap group The 57th Dynasty - as a significant influence. The 24-year-old artist's star has been on the rise since the release of his acclaimed debut album, 'Beautiful Disaster.' Santino is establishing himself as one of the scene's most exciting and unpredictable artists, fusing R&B, Rock, Pop, and Trap.

However, he has always desired to release music that represents all sides of his musicality. Santino aims to push the boundaries of his voice, exploring genres such as Pop, Country, or Rock, while always showcasing his love for music and craftsmanship.

Despite being surrounded by temptation, Santino has taken steps towards living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

This summer, Santino will be performing at the Cloud X Festival on August 20th at South London's Beckenham Park, sharing the stage with artists like BERWYN, Jaz Karis, Samm Henshaw, and more. What better place to experience this project live than on a festival stage, lapping up the sun, with a nice "cold" drink in hand.

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