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London’s rap scene is buzzing with excitement as one of the most promising emerging talents, SamRecks, drops his debut EP “Easier Said Than Done”. The eight-track project was released a few weeks back and follows up on the young artist’s recent hits “BACK PACK” and “SUMO”.

Born in Nigeria and raised in South-East London, SamRecks has been creating waves in the UK rap scene for over a year. His unique style, blending sonic innovation with introspective bars, has captured the attention of music critics and fans alike. With the release of “Easier Said Than Done”, the young rapper solidifies his position as one of the most exciting voices in the industry.

The EP features SamRecks’ signature sound, narrating a story of nostalgia and personal experiences that delve into fashion, love interests and creativity. Produced in collaboration with Sam himself, the project navigates the listener through a journey that started in his 2021 single “Situationship”. The EP explores the theme of building a relationship with the right woman at the wrong time.

From the laid-back notes of “SEGA” to the lucid “5AM INTERLUDE”, SamRecks delivers an impressive project that showcases his musicality and storytelling ability. The debut EP follows up on his viral singles “Love and Attention” and “Would You Let Me” and is expected to catapult him into the forefront of the UK rap scene.

What sets SamRecks apart is his involvement in every aspect of his music, from production to artwork to creating his music videos. His DIY mentality and developing interest in skating showcase a level of creative maturity beyond his years, reminiscent of Tyler, The Creator, Brockhampton, and A$AP Rocky. SamRecks’ music reflects his keen intelligence and introspection, setting him apart as one of the UK’s most exciting new homegrown talents.

“Easier Said Than Done” is a significant project that cements SamRecks’ position as one of London’s most promising rising stars. With his distinctive style and unique storytelling ability, SamRecks looks set to continue capturing the attention of fans and critics alike, paving the way for a new generation.

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