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Dreamy indie duo Royel Otis are back with a brand new single and video for ‘Sofa King’ coming as the title track of their upcoming 'Sofa Kings' EP coming on March 31st.

A hypnotizingly heady groove,’Sofa King’ reminds you just how fun and cool indie rock’n’roll can still be in 2023. Otis’ drawl relentlessly slurs the anthemic chorus line, ‘you’re so fucking gorgeous’ across a searing chorus synth line. Royel Otis say on the single:

“A baggy beat, jangly guitars and a soaring synth to bring home what you really want to say. You are couch royalty in a messed up world. Own it with pride!”

Previous offerings from the Sofa Kings EP include I Wanna Dance With You & last year’s Kool-Aid, both saw excellent DSP & radio support across the board even earning the duo big fans at BBC Radio 1. The full EP spans seven tracks of sunny alt-pop, and is a progressive leap forward from the infectious melodies and quick-witted songwriting the pair are known for. Produced by Chris Collins and Royel Otis, the EP promises to continue captivating fans with visceral stories and quick wit atop blissful guitar-fuzzed haze.

‘Sofa King’ is a shimmering, illustrious triumph, from its sweeping syncopated rhythm reminiscent of The Drums to the lofty calling vocal of Catfish and the Bottlemen’s Van McCann. The track arrives with yet another stunning music video from the duo. Paying homage to their hometown of Sydney, the pair perform the song against the backdrop of a coastal cliff. Shot on film & featuring various delicate lens flares, the candid scenes accompany the languid objective of a ‘Sofa king’ perfectly

Royel Otis were announced as part of this year’s Reading & Leeds lineup in August - their debut set at the UK festival and the first of many summer show announcements to come.

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