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One of the UK's most exciting rising stars and icon in waiting Rose Gray has shared her brand new single 'Ecstasy' taken from her new EP 'Higher Than The Sun'.

Drawing on unique sounds and blending elements of her pop influences with house and dance, Rose has created a truly irresistible track. Coming as her biggest dancefloor filler yet, Rose says;

“‘Ecstasy’ is a club banger moment for me. Much like most of my favourite 90’s dance records, there's just this explosion, pure ecstasy, pure anthemic ravey bliss. I played this at Printworks supporting Shygirl and just from how the crowd reacted, I knew I had to lead the EP with this as a single. I wrote it with frequent collaborator Alex Metric, in the studio I became obsessed with the lyric ‘Higher Than The Sun’, it was written in under an hour and felt just so right from the offset. It's a club record. It undeniably makes you want to dance."

Featuring 'Ecstasy', 'Sun Comes Up', 'Promise Me', and the FIFA 2023 soundtrack banger 'Prettier Than You', the EP features production collaborations with Alex Metric, Ghostculture, Frank Colucci, and Nick Godmode. With this project set to continue to carry Rose on her upward streak to be one of the UK's largest names in dance music, Rose describes the project as;

“the big sister to my previous EP Synchronicity, only maybe a little more fun. I wrote this EP over summer 2022 - I think the London heatwave, festivals, and nightlife blossoming has something to do with this EP feeling so free and intoxicating. There's rave, disco and techno pulsating through Higher Than The Sun”.

Originally drawn to big popstars with big voices such as Christina Aguilera, Rose has now created her own sonic landscape - a hedonistic, intoxicating blend of house, pop and dance that feels entirely unique, and totally irresistible. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Rose this year.

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