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Acclaimed producer Rockwell is back with his latest single, "COMFY," and has revealed the tracklist for his forthcoming LP titled "LOW ART." Set for release on Friday, July 21st, via his own label OBSOLETE MEDIUM, the album features previously released singles like "RECOGNISE," "ESTRANGED feat. La Meduza," "PEAK feat. Novelist," and the recent club hit "GRAMMA." This 9-track body of work is Rockwell's first album since his critically acclaimed debut in 2015.*

"COMFY," the new single, provides a contrasting lightness compared to the moodiness of other tracks on the album. Rockwell crafted the majority of the musical and atmospheric elements around the vocals, employing granular synthesis and heavy reverb. The placement of vocals in expansive spaces is reminiscent of the classical choral music he heard during his childhood, creating a sense of nostalgia and depth.

Known for embedding subtle clues in his music to express his opinions and frustrations about the status quo, Rockwell continues this approach in "LOW ART." The album's title playfully alludes to the disparity in perceived value, support, and funding for different forms of art and culture in the country. Early singles, including the socio-political anthem "PEAK feat. Novelist," have garnered widespread support, earning recognition as Charlie Tee's "D&B Drop of the Week" on BBC Radio 1 and receiving praise from multiple tastemakers ad platforms.

Written over the past couple of years, the album took shape following Rockwell's unintentionally timely EP "Isolation Ritual" in February 2020. The pandemic allowed him to step away from drum & bass, immersing himself in his love for guitar music and the new wave of American hardcore punk. Inspired by bands like Gulch, Cult Leader, Jesus Piece, and artists such as Emma Ruth Rundle and Chelsea Wolfe, he channelled the rawness and fearless attitude into the creation of his second album, "LOW ART."

Rockwell's forthcoming album showcases his dedication to pushing the boundaries of drum & bass and his own artistic development. Fans can expect a shift from complex beat arrangements to mind-boggling basslines designed for the dancefloor.

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