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Rio Rainz

Rising singer-rapper Rio Rainz has unveiled the music video for his latest single, "favourite girl."Directed by Rad Films, the video captures the essence of a carefree summer in London, showcasing Rio and his friends exploring the city, blending vhs style footage with clean and sleek visuals.

After sitting on his phone for over a year, Rio's close-knit group of friends encouraged him to share the track with his growing fanbase, resulting in its tremendous success. With over half a million streams and widespread popularity on TikTok, "favourite girl" has become Rio's most popular release. Produced by Kurisu, the Jazzy-Rap-infused lullaby displays Rio's romantic side, creating a summery Bonnie & Clyde anthem.

Hailing from East London, Rio Rainz was exposed to a diverse range of musical genres, including reggae, rap, rock, and pop, thanks to his Irish and Jamaican heritage. Splitting his time between London and the countryside following his parents' separation, Rio initially viewed these two worlds as contrasting but later embraced them as his Yin and Yang.

Developing his musical skills from a young age, Rio played keys for the church choir and attended performing arts school, nurturing his passion for creativity. Throughout his adolescence, Rio found solace in introspective lyrics, openly sharing his highs and battles in the hope of supporting others. By defying stereotypes, Rio blends his varied inspirations into a genre-fluid sound, positioning himself within the UK's burgeoning Alternative-DIY scene, which resonates with young adults navigating their paths.

Rio Rainz burst onto the scene at the age of fifteen with his powerful Black Box freestyle, which gained significant traction online and showcased his rapping abilities. He continued to build momentum, releasing the breakout single "heartless" and making a lasting impression with his debut EP, "Withdrawal Symptoms," released last year.

Seamlessly transitioning between rap and singing, Rio's releases have garnered support from esteemed publications such as Complex, The Face, and Clash, as well as radio play on BBC R1 with Jack Saunders and appearances on COLORS. Beyond music, Rio harbours ambitions of exploring other artistic endeavours, including drawing, painting, pottery, fashion, and acting, as he continues his creative journey.

Rio Rainz recently performed "favourite girl" alongside unreleased material at The Great Escape, marking his first-ever live performance with many more to come. As a part of the UK's Alternative-DIY scene, Rio aims to captivate audiences and connect with his generation through his unique sound.

With more music on the horizon, Rio Rainz continues to evolve as an artist, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene and embracing his multifaceted artistic expression.

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