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Fastly emerging singer-rapper Rio Rainz has unveiled his latest EP, 'cobwebs in my room,' a 6-track project produced by Dom Valentino and Kurisu.

Over the past year, Rio has demonstrated his versatility with a series of standout releases, including tracks like 'favourite girl,' 'nirvana,' 'dancing in the dark,' and a collaboration with Finn Foxell 'sunshine.' Whether you're a little bit older or just pigme like Rio, the music he creates is relatable to all as he explores themes of love, coming of age, inner city life, and struggles with darker times.

Rio's creative process for the EP was a mix of urban and rural experiences. He created most of the project in his bedroom but also sought inspiration in the countryside, where he sometimes wrote lyrics while hanging out in a tree. 'cobwebs in my room' captures the duality of his extroverted and introverted self over six eclectic songs, reflecting his current state of mind and creative exploration.

Effortlessly moving between various genres throughout the project, including Drum&Bass, Rap, Jersey Drill, and piano ballads, he seamlessly switches between rapping and singing, showcasing his unique style and versatility.

Keep an eye on Rio Rainz, with a headline show at The Lower Third next month, he plans to end 2023 on a high.

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