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Welsh multi-hyphenate artist Ren lays out all his cards and opens up within his latest release 'Suic*de' along with an AI-generated music video.

'Suic*de' holds significant meaning for Ren as he not only discusses the passing of a close friend but also touches on his own experiences with mental health struggles. Ren delves into moments from his past when he found solace in thoughts of death, while acknowledging that it is not a solution and only removes the possibility of things getting better.

Throughout the song, Ren repeatedly affirms the sentiment that "It never really felt like the right time." Towards the end of the track, Ren delivers an emotional poetic monologue reflecting on the loss of his friend and the profound grief he has experienced.

Ren, often referred to as the "Tarantino of music" by his fans, is having a standout year in 2023. Known for his recent release 'Hi Ren', he merges music, poetry, and art in his releases, presenting his stories and expressing his experiences and opinions in a visionary and captivating manner.

Ren's ongoing battle with Lyme Disease and brain damage, for which he is currently undergoing specialized daily treatment in Canada, has also resonated with his fans worldwide. By sharing his experiences, Ren has raised awareness about these health issues and created a space where his listeners feel understood. He fearlessly confronts his experiences head-on, using them as inspiration to delve deeper into his writing and creativity.

'Suic*de' exemplifies Ren's lyrical transparency, drawing together a community of people who can relate and find solace in being seen and heard together.

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