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Benin City's sensation, Rema, has unleashed a visually striking video for "Trouble Maker," directed by Meji Alabi, taken from his recent 'RAVAGE' EP.

Fully locked and loaded, Rema is back in battle mode, defiantly rejecting any title placed on him by fans or critics. As the names he's been dubbed flash across the screen, Rema enters a symbolic battle, comfortable in rejecting all titles and embracing being labelled a Trouble Maker. The red-toned aesthetics intensify the emotions conveyed in the video, capturing the essence of Rema's defiance.

Throughout the visual narrative, symbolic objects, including Rema's sword tattoo, a horse, bats, and sketches, make appearances, each open to interpretation. Rema's willingness to confront criticism and reject any imposed title marks a powerful statement in the artist's journey.

Rema has been on fire since his inception, and 'RAVAGE' signifies the start of a new chapter, bringing the Rave & Roses era to a close as he is set to showcase a different side of Rema, as he explores more introspective and layered sounds through "RAVAGE."

"Trouble Maker" is not just a video; it's a declaration of Rema's refusal to conform and his embrace of being a disruptive force in the music industry.

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