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Soulful artist Rasharn Powell makes a powerful return after a brief hiatus with, "Raving in Our Bedroom," produced by Tropics, taking listeners on a journey that delves into personal and societal ills, all seen through the lens of a relationship.

The song's subtle complexities emerge through Rasharn's profound lyrics, as his bedroom becomes symbolic of his safe space. "Raving in Our Bedroom" features a 70s-inspired production that sets a sensual tone, despite the serious subject matter, with moody strings adding depth to the track, emphasizing the emotional weight of the lyrics. Rasharn Powell explains the song's deeper meaning, stating,

"There's a truth we must face when in our bedrooms. That inner truth is specific to each and every one of us, and others may be able to empathize with it but not always comprehend it. By God's grace, the story I'm about to take the world on is one of ascension, but I can only do so through narrating my personal conviction and sins."

With "Raving in Our Bedroom," Rasharn Powell shows us all his expansive growth as an artist, as he showcases his ability to explore themes of personal and societal struggle through soulful and emotive music.

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