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Rising British artist Ragz Originale continues to showcase his unique musical style with the release of the visuals for his track "Wrist Froze," taken from his outstanding debut album "Bare Sugar."

The song itself is notably short, lasting less than two minutes, but it carries a significant impact. Creating music that's known for its distinct bounce and innovative production techniques, "Wrist Froze" is no exception. Unlike traditional hip-hop tracks, the song doesn't rely on the typical drum elements like hi-hats, snares, or kick drums. Instead, it features a clipped sample, layered harmonies, and Ragz's emotive vocals.

Drawing inspiration from the underground US rap scene, particularly the trend of using drum-less, sample-driven instrumentals popularized by artists like those from the Griselda labe, Ragz Originale brings his own unique perspective by using this style to tell a personal story of a failed romance as it all revolves around the themes of lost love and trying to salvage the remains of a relationship that's fading away.

Ragz Originale's ability to blend unconventional production with heartfelt storytelling showcases his artistic innovation and individuality within the music industry.

The visuals for "Wrist Froze" are a continuation of his distinct approach to music and storytelling. Moving between a surreal dark void and a confrontational dialogue with a romantic interest. Initial reactions to the video commend it as one of the top three songs on the album and express it as a definite favourite among the album's tracks.

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