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South London's genre-blending musical virtuoso, Quinn Oulton, has released his latest creation, 'Lately,' featuring the vocal prowess of celebrated RnB artist Col3trane, taking a deep dive into the often-overlooked consequences of regular, low-level alcohol consumption.

Known for his unique fusion of alt-RnB, jazz, and innovative production, Quinn Oulton has been on a prolific streak with releases like the 'Alexithymia Deluxe' album and well-received singles like '100 Degrees' and 'Throw Your Weight.'

'Lately' delves into the impact of casual drinking on both physical and mental states, presenting a sonic exploration of the hidden costs that society often downplays. The track's rhythmic vocal lines seamlessly blend with saxophone interludes, creating a captivating conversation within the choruses. Quinn reflects on the inspiration behind 'Lately,' stating,

"I started writing 'Lately' one morning lying in bed after having a few drinks the night before. Not badly hungover, yet still feeling like getting out of bed was too much to handle. It made me realize how much of an impact even casual drinking can have on your physical and mental state."

Coming as a natural progression, stemming from Quinn's saxophone contributions to Col3trane's work, the duo's creative partnership flourished, leading to the creation of 'Lately.'

As Quinn Oulton continues to push musical boundaries, 'Lately' stands as a testament to his ability to tackle thought-provoking themes through innovative soundscapes.

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