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Paris-born, London-raised, Iraqi rapper and artist psi.ko returns to the ether with her incendiary new release, “To Me, From Me” which dropped alongside a visually striking official music video that solidifies the young creative as part of a new generation of Iraq’s art history.

On “To Me, From Me”, psi.ko sets out to hold her future self accountable by narrating her hopes, reiterating her roots, and humanising her inevitable errors. The deep but succinct chorus ‘if I looked you in your eyes, would I see your soul? Or maybe someone that I didn’t know’’ highlights psi.ko’s penchant for introspection and growth. Her penmanship, pushing metaphors and similes over a grounded, trill, yet contemplative instrumental, allows listeners a mirror to themselves in a remarkably interpersonal track.

Highlighting the innate beauty of psi.ko’s country of origin, the music video encapsulates a plethora of ancient-to-modern art, recreated by a cast of Iraqi women styled in Middle Eastern contemporary fashion. Executively produced by psi.ko herself, the visuals are posed as a vessel through which past arts can speak to our present selves and offer words of advice and accountability - a true showcase of psi.ko’s complete artistry as a creative and clear visionary mind.

A true product of diaspora, psi.ko balances her heritage of both East and West with a balance of common sense and flair only found in the city. Keeping her anonymity by not showing her face, her key focus stays true to the creation of art, rather than the cult of personality. Likewise, the classic rap pillars of whip-smart lyricism, character and poise on the mic are what psi.ko has already become known for in the space of only a few releases.

Meanwhile, the multi-talented artist hasn’t just been garnering attention for lyricism but also on as a technically gifted producer. Rooting her inspiration in real-world politics, her deeper level of rap has seen co-signs from UK rap legends like Lowkey as well as Arab Hip-Hop pioneers Narcy and Big Hass.

With support coming from the likes of Reprezent Radio and Habibti Nation as well as activations with G-SHOCK, psi.ko looks set to continue the attention around her, spanning continents. With a confirmed set at The Lower Third in London on November 29th, get ready to hear and see a lot more of the gifted young artist into 2023. A flair for political statement with a natural ear for hip-hop marks psi.ko as a significant and gripping new voice in the alternative rap landscape.

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