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Rising Melbourne producer, vocalist and DJ Pretty Girl has announced her forthcoming EP 'One Night, One Time' with the release of her new single ‘A New Light'.

Her debut project on Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs label, 'One Night, One Time' is due for release on April 14 and follows Pretty Girl’s recent remix for Romy and Fred again..’s collaboration ‘Strong’, which dropped after she supported Fred at his sold-out show in Melbourne earlier this year.

'One Night, One Time' was informed by a personal mantra Pretty Girl carried throughout the making of the 7-track body of work and incorporates her own delicate vocals more than ever before. Each track spotlights the vibrant blend of downtempo electronica that has become synonymous with the Pretty Girl moniker as she explains:

“In December 2021 I was writing some lyrics and ended up singing “maybe just one night, one time” over and over. That line resonated in a way that the previous year’s worth of demos hadn’t. It felt hopeful, electric, looking forward. I pushed through all of 2022 to put this EP together while life felt so busy and out of control. 12 months of work to capture life after the pandemic - new experiences, new heartbreaks, new perspective, new energy, new challenges.”

Pretty Girl is the force behind some of the most entrancing and uplifting electronic music you’ll hear this year and her left-field infusions of house, UKG and techno can stir the dancefloor as much as it can soundtrack the walk back home. Playing in the UK for her debut tour that includes a string of festival dates (Love Saves The Day, AVA, Forbidden Forest to name a few), Pretty Girl is a name the UK scene we will be seeing more of.

Words: Harriett Dolphin

(@IG: HarrietteDolphin)

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