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In the heart of West London, where the vibrant tapestry of music, fashion, arts, and culture seamlessly intertwines, a new musical prodigy is making waves. At just 24 years old, p-rallel is redefining the boundaries of UK dance culture, and his debut mixtape, 'Movement,' is a testament to his boundless creativity and passion.

Hot on the heels of his sold-out takeover at London's iconic fabric nightclub, this groundbreaking mixtape isn't just music; it's a journey through time and sound, as p-rallel curates a fluid collection of dancefloor cuts that bridge generations of UK dance culture.

One of p-rallel's unique talents is his ability to take electronic classics and breathe new life into them. 'It's a LUNDUN Thing' is a prime example, a bass-heavy reworking of the 1997 Scott Garcia original, this new rework was designed to captivate a new generation of UK garage and 2-step enthusiasts.

Throughout the rest of the mixtape, p-ralll blends UK Garage and House, offering a fresh take on classic dance records, with incredible vocal performances by artists like Tamera, Natanya, Jay Warner, Kam-Bu, BXKS, and Lily McKenzie.

For p-rallel, music is more than just a career; it's a family legacy. Inspired by his father, who worked at the legendary Red Records in Brixton during the heyday of London's garage and jungle scene, p-rallel's musical journey began at a young age. Saturdays spent crate digging with his father at the record shop were instrumental in shaping his musical taste and igniting his love for UKG.

p-rallel's 'Movement' is your invitation to a musical journey like no other, as he bridges the past and future of UK dance music, making history and crafting a new legacy along the way.

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