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If you say you haven't heard this track yet, then you're clearly lying. Taking Tik-Tok by storm over the last few weeks teasing the single, Piri & Tommy have unleashed their latest release 'updown' kickstarting a new chapter for two of the most exciting names in the new wave of British Music.

First teased during their latest sold-out UK tour, this Hyperpop, tongue-in-cheek loaded release is the perfect female empowerment track. Never scared of what anyone thinks of her, piri is open and honest about the meaning of the song across her socials - yes it about is what you're thinking - with fun and creative TikToks. Taking their sounds to new heights and pushing the boundaries, piri and Tommy aren't scared to do the unexpected.

Without a doubt, these pair have had a dizzying rise to their success with their first collaborative track dropping just under two years ago. Releasing their debut body of work 'froge.mp3' back in October 2022, we were given a vivid snapshot into the duos life post-pandemic as they worked things out in real-time capturing the youth culture. With the likes of BBC, MTV Push, VEVO, Radio 1, and DSCVR all showing praise and love to the duo it's hard to believe they even stopped to breathe.

With 2023 seeing the duo head out on a new path, they've both decided to work on solo music, and new collaborative projects, whilst also working on the new Piri & Tommy. With Tommy releasing his latest club-ready track 'Not Puzzled', and piri working with MJ Cole on 'Feel It', both are keeping themselves busy and in the spotlight. With piri also spending time working with fellow trailblazers on Loud LDN: a collective of female and non-binary creatives pushing towards more inclusive dance music, their journey is far from over.

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