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piri &tommy
Pop's young and dynamic duo, piri & Tommy, have released their latest single, 'bluetooth,' making waves on TikTok, thanks to a viral dance video by piri, coming ahead of piri's "extra hot" UK tour.

'bluetooth' was created during a period of lyrical experimentation for piri, as she delves into the phenomenon of Gen Z culture forming connections online, with playful nods to y2k technology sprinkled throughout its bubbly vocal hooks and sparkling drum'n'bass production. Speaking about the track, piri explains,

"bluetooth really feels like a new and improved iteration of the original piri & tommy vibe. It's a dreamy, laid-back love song over sunny drum and bass with Brazilian guitars backed by a huge atmosphere built by layers of synths and vocals. Tommy and I both really flexed our creative muscles with this one, and we're both super proud to have made this track 100% coming from us. It's entirely self-produced, written, recorded, and mixed!

This is definitely the cutest song I've ever written, and I'm super proud of every line. We really hope you get swept away into our dreamy Gen Z world with this track! The Bluetooth device has now paired successfully."

After returning from a string of shows in Australia and New Zealand, piri will continue her live journey with her "extra hot" UK tour starting at the end of this month, culminating in a performance at London's EartH on November 7.

Their journey has been anything but predictable, and they are constantly evolving, working on solo and collaborative music, while their future remains bright.

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