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Paul Grant

California-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and beatmaker Paul Grant celebrates his creative community in a vibrant fusion of afrobeats, jazz, and sunny west coast funk in his latest EP project, 'Forward.'

Following a series of successful album releases, including 'Reflections' in 2021 and 'Sketches' in 2022, Paul Grant continues his collaborative spirit, joining forces with artists such as Kiefer, Braxton Cook, and Emmavie.

The EP, 'Forward,' showcases Paul Grant's ability to bridge genres and cultivate a community of collaborators who push his music in exciting new directions. With a foundation in hip-hop, Paul incorporates the vibrant hues of jazz, R&B, and Brazilian funk into his sound. The lead single, 'Rivers,' is a collaboration with Chris Keys, drawing inspiration from 70s Brazilian influences to create a summer-ready bop. Another standout track, 'Lights Off,' features Grammy-nominated songwriter Will Jordan, combining Paul's guitar-focused, four-to-the-floor beat with Will's captivating vocal melodies. Reflecting on 'Lights Off,' Paul shares,

"| wanted this one to be up-tempo and guitar-based to complement Will's approach, whose writing credits include 'Fly' by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna."

Known as a go-to producer within the jazz-hip-hop scene on the west coast and beyond, Paul Grant's musical journey in 'Forward' continues to break down genre barriers.

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