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Get ready to be blown away by Venezuelan up-and-comer Pao Pestana's debut EP, "No Apagues La Luna." This project defies both Latin and Western standards to create a diverse and exciting body of work that showcases Pao's innate creativity and fearlessness.

The EP title, which translates to "don't turn off the moon," was a phrase that Pao used to say to her father at the age of three. As a curious young mind who loved to play around with language and words, it is the essence of creativity within childhood that sparked Pao's inspiration to tap into the same energy for her debut body of work. Through No Apagues La Luna, Pao fearlessly explores the depths of her being, creating through her inner child to display her innate playfulness and expression.

The EP kicks off with "San Menace," an eclectic combination of production styles that results in a Latin-infused pop hit. With both Spanish and English vocals on the record, Pao Pestana sets the tone for the rest of this genre-defying EP. The track is an analogy to the unhealthy addiction to technology humans are gripped by, comparing it to a toxic relationship.

Track two on the tape is "Pajaritos," a downtempo Latin pop track with gliding vocal melodies mixed with descending synth lines, with Pao's vocals and haunting production reminiscent of early Billie Eilish records. This is followed by "Me Encontré," which kicks off with sombre piano chords and a ballad-like vocal from Pao. When the dark, filtered drum beat drops, Pao delivers a relaxed, conversational flow with eerie vocals in the background perfectly adding to the atmosphere of the track.

The next track on the EP is the more upbeat "La Perla." With steel drum riffs and quintessential Latin production, the track is inspired by a beautiful island in Venezuela called Margarita, with the song transporting you to a dreamy setting where you're "jamming with your friends at the beach," as described by Pao. The penultimate track is "Guayabita," a playful track touching on sexuality and curiosity. Pao displays an unwavering sense of authenticity, proving that she has put everything she has into this EP.

The final track "NMIGO," released on 8th March, is an unadulterated, hard-hitting track that outlines Pao as the driving force behind her goals. Pao displays anger, passion, and determination in "NMIGO," highlighting the importance of women supporting and protecting each other, and the vibrant production comes together to create a fiery track about female empowerment.

Every track on No Apagues La Luna is incandescent with passion, and this effortlessly translates into a stunning body of work. On her debut, Pao Pestana showcases her love for experimentation and exploration, with a bright future ahead for this year.

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