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The UK's dance scene is ablaze with anticipation as p-rallel, the 24-year-old sensation, has announced his upcoming mixtape, 'Movement,' with the release of 'It's a Lundun Thing' capturing London's vibrant music scene.

"It's a Lundun Thing" is a thunderous reimagining of Scott Garcia's 1997 classic, tailor-made for a new generation of UK garage and 2-step enthusiasts. Coming as the lead track for the upcoming mixtape, "It's a Lundun Thing" is a track that the fans have eagerly awaited after its first debut at p-rallel's Boiler Room in May. Speaking about the track and the mixtape, p-rallel reflects,

"I was heavily exposed to Scott Garcia's original that dropped 26 years ago from my dad playing it when I was a kid & then hearing it, then playing it myself later when I got into spinning Garage. I felt like it was time to bring it back with a 2023 spin, it's been smashing festivals all summer! I'm announcing my first full-length project 'Movement' with this, all of the tunes I've released so far this year are on it, it's a reflection of what I've been doing in the club & at festivals these last couple of years since the pandemic."

Throwing an impromptu pre-carnival party underneath the iconic Westway, complete with a Soundbok soundsystem and decks in a van. Within an hour of the event being announced, the part eas popping capturing the essence of "It's A Lundun Thing" perfectly. Using the event to capture VHS shots, p-rallel offers us a glimpse into the vibrant party scene and the electric atmosphere of Notting Hill carnival throughout the visuals.

As a testament to his prowess, p-rallel will also be bringing back his renowned 'Nevermind' club concept with a takeover of London's iconic Fabric on October 6th, celebrating the release of 'Movement' loaded with an impressive lineup of collaborators and Nevermind friends and family.

'Movement,' is set to redefine the future of the dancefloor as it encapsulates the essence of UK dance culture, with p-rallel at the helm, this is a project we are waiting for with high expectations.

Check out "It's a Lundun Thing" over on on our "On Rotation" playlist.

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