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Afropop sensation Oxlade showcases his unwavering ambition and musical versatility

Nigerian Afropop sensation Oxlade returns to the music scene with a compelling double release, featuring the Afrobeats anthem 'Katigori' and the Amapiano love song 'Piano.' Produced by acclaimed hitmakers Timmy and P-Prime, the tracks showcase Oxlade's musical mastery, unwavering ambition, and versatility.

'Katigori' stands as a resounding testament to Oxlade's exceptional talent and determination to achieve greatness. With striking beats, enchanting background violins, and an irresistible hook, this track serves as an extraordinary personal anthem reflecting Oxlade's journey and success in the music industry.

Produced by the exceptional hitmaker P-Prime, 'Piano' is a mesmerizing Amapiano love song guaranteed to set dance floors ablaze. The track blends soft hits of a log-drum, piano, and drums with Oxlade's signature falsetto and ad-libs, creating a surefire hit that showcases Oxlade's ability to navigate diverse musical genres.

In a statement, Oxlade shares the origin of the release, stating;

"Katigori is a three-year-old record, it was created in a space where I had fame but not success. It was me manifesting where I am now and prophesying my future because I feel like there’s a moment in my music career where everybody will accept that I’m the GOAT."

"On the other hand, Piano is a result of all my fast-paced records that didn’t get the blessings they deserved. Now that I have the audience and numbers, I want to show everyone the fast, club side of Oxlade. Piano is the strongest song I’ve dropped this year MUSICALLY. I want everyone to have 2 sides of the coin, the cautious Oxlade and the party Oxlade. Piano is a love song, Katigori is a statement piece, letting them know that we’re not mates.”

The double release serves as a teaser for Oxlade's forthcoming album, 'Oxlade From Africa.' As a force to be reckoned with, Oxlade's musical journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


Words by: Liam Tyler

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