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London-based techno duo ORKA ignite anticipation for their forthcoming sixth studio album, 'All At Once,' by unveiling the captivating single 'Mother.'

Contrasting with the intensity of 'Bird,' the lead single from 'All At Once,' 'Mother' delves into a more reflective, heady territory. Encapsulating the club experience as "womb-like," creating a nurturing realm where darkness envelops us and we float to the rhythmic throb of bass and kick. With a sense of connection, nostalgia, and otherworldliness, 'Mother' immerses us in a trance-like rave fever dream. ORKA sheds light on the essence of "Mother," stating,

"Mother is about the womb-like state of being in a dark club enveloped in bass. It projects that otherworldly sense of community you feel with strangers moving as one entity. But at the same time, the song is like a memory. Like the track you listen to returning home on the night bus. It feels familiar, nostalgic, and hopeful."

Their combined musical prowess is nothing short of spectacular. Drawing inspiration from the Hardcore Continuum and UK sound system culture, ORKA seamlessly blends elements of minimal techno, progressive electro, and ambient music. The result is a diverse tapestry of stylistic influences that is unmistakably and undeniably ORKA.

As 'All At Once' prepares to grace the scene, ORKA's official album release party is set to unfold at London's Iklectik on October 5th, with support from Specimens and Psyclo.

The duo's sonic journey continues, promising a deep dive into their mesmerising sonic landscapes that defy conventions and elevate the techno experience.

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