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American singer-songwriter Omar Apollo releases a moving music video for his latest ballad 'Ice Slippin,' inspired by his coming out experience.

Omar Apollo, the 26-year-old American singer-songwriter, has unveiled an emotional music video for his recent ballad "Ice Slippin, " inspired by his own experience of coming out to his family. In explaining the meaning behind the song, Omar Apollo shared,

‘"Ice Slippin’ is about reliving the thoughts I had passing through my mind the winter I came out to my family, receiving cold judgment as opposed to the acceptance I felt I deserved. This song is a reflection and reaction to all the emotions I had to face before and after I decided to leave the icy streets of Indiana."

The music video for "Ice Slippin" is an intimate and vulnerable portrayal of Apollo's journey. Featuring him submerged in icy water while singing the lyrics that express his uncertainty and fear: "If I’m being honest / If I said what I said, would you hate me? / Would you hate me?" The video incorporates elements like a sonogram, X-ray images of the brain, and throwback photos and videos, all contributing to the heartfelt narrative.

This heartfelt ballad serves as the lead single from Omar Apollo's upcoming EP, "Live For Me," promising to continue to explore themes of emotion, identity, and self-discovery.

As he continues to share his personal journey through music, Apollo's openness and authenticity have resonated with many fans, making him a prominent figure in the music landscape.

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