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Label head of Canoe and a resident DJ at Adonis, Nyra, has unveiled his latest release, "City Sauna," capturing the exhilaration of 90s Sheffield nightlife.

"City Sauna" captures the exhilaration of 90s Sheffield nightlife, infusing a contagious organ bass that pays homage to classics while injecting a fresh vibe with garage-inspired vocal samples and an addictively percussive beat. Timed perfectly as we transition from the festival season back to clubbing, this track is irresistible to those seeking the thrill of dancing and the sensation of sweat-drenched walls. Nyra shares his thoughts on the track:

"With 'City Sauna,' I wanted to evoke memories of 90s Sheffield; Saturday afternoon gatherings in designer clothing shops, planning outfits. Bustling bars filled with pre-drink excitement. Nervous anticipation in the queue outside the club, with muffled bass thuds as you wait your turn. Smoke-filled dancefloors. Leave your worries at the door. Those were the days."

Coming after a summer filled with highlights for Nyra, In August, he kicked off his 'Canoe 020' tour, celebrating the label's 20th release. Set to continue with appearances at ADE, an 'All Night Long' special, and numerous other dates, as he continues to take his own path just like he did when it all started back in 2008.

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