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Celebrated UK star Not3s has returned with the feel-good 'Start Me Up,' responding to the growing demand from fans to return to the sound that made him, as the track embraces the game-changing Afroswing genre that Not3s skillfully pioneered.

With this release, the young talent spearheads a comeback for the sweet melodies, syncopated rhythms, and lovelorn lyrics that defined Afroswing as a cultural moment for British music five years ago. 'Start Me Up' is a smooth Afrobeats cut, adorned with sweet guitar licks and romantic saxophone lines. Not3s' distinctive vocals perfectly complement the deeply sensual instrumentation as he croons about the beauty of his lover and the powerful emotions she invokes. Seamlessly switching into Yoruba for the hook, Not3s proudly showcases his Nigerian roots, making them a prominent feature of this summer scorcher.

Accompanied by an artistic music video set in Ghana, featuring picturesque waterfalls, beaches, and forests that showcase the stunning beauty of Not3s' West African heritage. The video acts as a visual representation of the song's essence, enhancing the overall experience. 'Start Me Up' follows Not3s' previous release, 'So Far Gone,' whose video highlighted the vibrant aesthetic of Nigeria, featuring shots of traditional Nigerian attire and various local communities.

'Start Me Up' marks the second chapter in Not3s' new era as an artist. Recently appeared in NSG's video for their single 'Unruly' where they expressed their desire to "Make Afroswing Great Again," now Not3s comes forward with 'Start Me Up.' More than just a single, this well-timed track serves as a reminder of what the UK Afroswing scene is capable of, proving that it is far from finished. As fans increasingly seek a departure from the darkness of UK Drill, Not3s is here to save the summer.

With a diverse range of music in the pipeline, Not3s has only just begun to show the world what he has to offer, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the music industry.

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