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Berlin-based producer, composer, and sound designer, NOCUI, is back as he releases "Higher Energy," the second single from his upcoming EP, 'Starlight Delight.'

Following the success of the feel-good disco-acid wonderland of his previous track "Starlight Delight," NOCUI takes us on a new musical journey with a deliciously pumpy slice of italo-flavored Hi-NRG.

"Higher Energy" is a musical exploration that pays homage to the iconic sounds of Patrick Cowley, offering listeners a vibrant and exhilarating experience. Characterised by arpeggiated synths, rising strings, and driving beats, evoking influences from 80s Japanese records to the timeless allure of Italo and classic house music. NOCUI's ability to seamlessly blend these diverse influences results in a flawlessly delivered dancefloor anthem that sets the gold standard for his evolving style. Sharing his thoughts on "Higher Energy" and his evolving musical journey:

"I absolutely loved making this track. During the making of 'Higher Energy,' I was devouring 80s Japanese records, obscure Italo Disco, and classic House tracks. I really think that these musical languages leaked into this track in a new and confident way. The aesthetics evolving across my releases feel more and more my own, and this is all I really wanted during my music journey. It’s the second single from an EP that I believe will set my style, or at least the foundation of it. Enjoy!"

With the release of "Higher Energy," NOCUI continues to push the boundaries of his musical artistry, offering a glimpse of what's to come in the forthcoming 'Starlight Delight' EP showcasing his ability to craft infectious dancefloor moments and his commitment to evolving his unique style solidify his position as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene.

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