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London rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nix Northwest presents the 'Xin's Disappearance' video series, kicking off with the mesmerising visuals of 'Preface: The City of Xin.' Collaborating with director Archie Baker, the series provides a visual journey that takes audiences deeper into the profound stories of Nix's debut album.

In this captivating video, viewers witness an unhinged and erratic Xin, a fictional alter ego portrayed by Nix, descending into darkness through a club basement. Meanwhile, his former self observes from the shadows, creating a visual narrative that complements the intricate tales woven into 'Xin's Disappearance.' Reflecting on the creation of the video series, Nix shares,

"I wanted to bring the audience deeper into the world of Xin's Disappearance with this video. There is so much to uncover within that world, and I feel like we've only just scratched the surface, visually. Working with Archie, the director, was an absolute pleasure - expect more from the two of us!"

Director Archie Baker, known for his work with brands like Chanel and Gucci, emphasizes the importance of a deeper connection with the artist when creating visuals. He states,

"What I look for in an artist that I'm working with on a project is taking the time to sit down and resonate on a deeper level. I always ask both myself and the artist: 'What are we actually trying to achieve.' Once you focus on building and nurturing that relationship, it organically and beautifully transcends into the visuals you're trying to create."

As Nix Northwest kicks off his UK and EU tour, spanning 12 cities, fans have the opportunity to join him for another milestone in his career.

'Preface: The City of Xin' represents the night of 'Xin's Disappearance,' leaving audiences eager to unravel the upcoming episodes in the series.

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