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London-based rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nix Northwest has given us a taste of his forthcoming album 'Xin's Disappearance - due 15th March - with the release of his latest single 'Problems'.

With the self-directed video, we are introduced a new visual dynamic to Nix's visual storytelling as he reflects on the importance of money in society, vices, and the overindulgence that follows. With a charming beat blending instrumentation, seasoned with strong Brazilian influences, with off-beat guitar sequences laying the perfect backdrop for Nix's powerful bars.

"Problems is a song about not wanting to fall into the trap of spending a life chasing money while also knowing that without it you can be very restricted. It's about finding that balance between an ego-driven desire to acquire more than enough wealth but also stay grounded and being aware that there is a certain level you need to live comfortably and survive."

Finding his love for music from a young age, Nix was inspired by his parent's immaculate music taste although he never took music more seriously until he attended Leeds College of Music where his career began as he met friends and now collaborators Lausse The Cat and B-ahwe who have helped push him to new highs. As we now roll into his forthcoming album 'Xin's Disappearance' which is made solely by Nix - from the songwriting to the instrumentation, the compositions to the engineering - we are treated to full insight into his full abilities.

Hoping to make his mark on the UK scene with the project, Nix is continuing to gear up for his forthcoming tour and festival dates, with one final surprise in store for his ever-evolving fanbase.

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