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London rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nix Northwest has surprised us with the release of 'You Aint Got A Chance Boy' seeing him reunite with female superstar Enny.

Stemming from an anecdote from his youth, Nix takes us on a journey throughout the single being led by an energetic chorus across his self-produced beat. Seeing Enny offer an emotive verse before the pair go back to back in a playful verse, this duo are beyond powerful when they combine on a track.

"I’ve always had a thing for songs that are happy and beautiful sounding on the surface but also carry a darker message underneath once you peel back the layers. I wanted to explore that sometimes elusive and blurred line between good and evil, and the way which different morals and perceptions that people hold can affect that line."

With Nix's love for music coming from a young age being inspired by his guitarist dad and his mum's impeccable musical taste, he started his own musical journey early with piano lessons before taking on songwriting and heading to Leeds College of Music where his career began to take shape. Meeting friends and later collaborators such as Lausse The Cat and B-ahwe who helped push his artistry to new heights, Nix has a lot of time to give to those who have shaped him.

With the next few months set to be massive for Nix we see his forthcoming album release - drawing on his past childhood and adulthood experiences to conceptualise a mysterious and cinematic world around his narrator XIn, a character who can be seen as a reflection of him - and his upcoming tour and festival dates, Nix is focused on creating his most impactful moment as he continues to build on his musical legacy

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