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South London's rising rap wunderkind Nino SLG has released his highly anticipated EP 'Mirror Story', seeing him climb to new heights with his heart-touching lyrics.

Set over 5 outstanding tracks, the project is a window into the life of Nino SLG. Touching on the topics of mental health, anxiety, insecurities and life growing up in inner-city London, with his thought-provoking lyrics over Nino's trademark keys and a paired-back production with elements of drill and rich instrumentation including cello and 90s hip-hop beats.

“My new EP is a story about the person I can see in the mirror. It’s my most vulnerable project to date, and I want people to see this side of me. Lyrically I’ve touched on materialism and everyday possessions, concepts and distractions to try and show how these steer people away from conquering the real problem which is usually themselves. Musically, I’ve reflected the contrasting emotions in the lyrics by switching up the production as you move through the project. Mirror Story is about exploring myself and my emotions, in the hope that there might be other people out there who are feeling the same - I hope that my EP makes them feel understood“

With the raw and honest 'Monster' seeing him open up on being offered a 100k deal the day he picked his GCSE results up before being stopped and searched by police on the same day, 'Tell Me Why You Need Me' exploring people's intentions, and 'What's Left' touching on mental health, every topic discussed throughout the project holds a key place in his heart.

At only 17 years old, Nino has a bright future ahead of him as we see him already causing waves and gaining attention from the masses at such a young age. Nino SLG is a name we will be hearing a lot, mark our words.

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