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West-Midlands artist Nieve Ella, who has been making waves with her powerful indie pop confessionals infused with the essence of 90’s guitar-pop, has captured attention with singles like 'His Sofa' and 'Big House' alongside her debut EP 'Young and Naive.' Now, Nieve Ella is ready to captivate audiences once again with her latest single 'Your Room,' announcing her new EP - 'Lifetime Of Wanting.'

Produced by Iain Berrymen, - known for work with Beabadoobee, Young Fathers, Wolf Alice - 'Your Room' is an uplifting and open-hearted offering with her distinctive raspy vocals taking centre stage, blending seamlessly with dazed guitars and frothy crash cymbals, crafting an alluringly indie pop confessional vulnerable melody. Reflecting on 'Your Room,' Ella shared,

"I used to feel so defined by what other people thought of me, it felt like such a weight on my shoulders and really brought me down. I wanted a song that felt like it lifted all of that away."

Accompanied by a '90s inspired music video - directed by Joe Horridge - Ella and her band take centre stage as they perform in a poster-clad bedroom paying homage to her own past.

Fans can eagerly anticipate the release of her EP 'Lifetime Of Wanting,' featuring tracks like 'Big House,' 'His Sofa,' 'Your Room,' and 'Car Park,' continuing to showcase Ella's enchanting music and storytelling prowess.

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