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Nieve Ella alerted the UK music scene to her magic in 2022, closing out the year with her emotionally gripping single ‘Glasshouses’ alongside announcing her anticipated debut EP ‘Young & Naive’ which she has finally released.

‘Young and Naive’ starts with new single ‘19 In A Week’, doubling down on her earnest inward storytelling melded to the ambiance of 90’s guitar-pop, walking us through her late adolescence.

19 In a Week' is a song about the love/hate relationship I have with growing up and the expectations there are of being a teen in this day and age.” describes Nieve. “I felt like I was a lot of steps behind in life compared to the people I grew up around.”

Having only picked up the guitar for the first time in 2020, rising West-Midlands Nieve’s debut collection of songs is an impressive offering. Aided by producers Oliver Keane, Noah Terefe and Luke Grieve, the 5-track EP explores a grab-bag of relatable teenage themes across previous singles ‘Girlfriend’, Blu Shirt Boy’ and ‘Fall 4 U’ as her voice, breezy and rich, heals broken hearts through hooks and harmonies. Speaking about her EP, Nieve says

“it is dedicated to a particular time or feelings experienced throughout my childhood up to my present life, with each song carrying the emotional weight of my adolescence and the lessons I learned along the way. There’s a storyline from start to finish, representing my life over the past few years.”

20-year-old Nieve has already grabbed the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Introducing, Greg James and Jack Saunders, whilst racking up over one million streams on Spotify as well as nods from titles including Wonderland, Clash, NME, Hunger and more. It's a testament to Nieve’s raw talent for authentic and vulnerable songwriting at such a young age, which stands her apart from her peers, and has earmarked her for success into 2023 and beyond.

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