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Nia Archives, the unstoppable rising star, is continuing her impressive journey with the release of the ravey original vocal-led single "Bad Gyalz," following in the footsteps of her seismic summer banger "Off Wiv Ya Headz" in June.

Rich with captivating and relatable lyricism, "Bad Gyalz" is an empowering ode to all the fierce and unapologetic women who come to dance and skank, expressing themselves without judgment. Exuding positivity and inclusivity, reflecting Nia's desire for positive change and safety within the music scene, especially for those from marginalized backgrounds and communities, Nia celebrates diversity as she embraces love and inclusivity throughout.

Reflecting on the track, Nia shares her inspiration,

"I was on ma way to the studio with Clipz listening to Ranking Ann who is one of my fave MCs - period. And then I was just thinking about tha fact that like whenever I go to one of my shows, it’s like 85% women age 18 -25 which is so amazing! And they are all baddies, absolute junglists. So I wanted to make a song that represents that and tha women that come to ma raves. And that’s how Bad Gyalz was born!"

Directed by Talia Beale, the accompanying video for "Bad Gyalz" captures the essence of Nia Archives' signature underground style. Shot in VHS and presented in a fast-paced montage format, the video showcases various girls and their friendship circles, representing diverse walks of life and ethnicities. From Hijabi girls to alternative girls, the visuals celebrate unity and transcend borders with special guest appearances from Olivia Dean, Buck Betty, PXSSY PALACE, and others.

To celebrate the release, last night Nia Archives created a safe space for all to enjoy the music at the "Bad Gyalz Day Party," featuring DJ sets from DJ Flight, PXSSY PALACE, Sim0ne, Izzy Bossy, and more. Welcoming galz, non-binary people, and members of the LGBTQ community, this was an event where everyone should feel safe, something Nia is a proud advocate of.

With her empowering anthem "Bad Gyalz" and inclusive Day Party, Nia continues to inspire listeners to embrace their individuality and celebrate unity on the dance floor. Her passion, drive, and unwavering dedication to empowering others shine through every track and endeavour, cementing her position as a true force in the music industry.

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