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Nate Husser, the LA-based artist and creative, made a blazing entrance into 2023 with four incendiary lead singles, including "Did it b4," "Lemons," "Itchy Palms," and "Ready For War" featuring D Cut, and now, he's unleashed his hotly anticipated record, "Dark Songs To Drive To."

Nate Husser, with his Caribbean-British heritage, is quickly becoming one of Canada's most exciting rap exports, breaking international borders. Becoming known for his signature cut-throat bars and intoxicating soundscapes, Nate delivers a rare lyrical focus that portrays real-life hardships and the challenges of a young talent forging his own creative path.

"Dark Songs To Drive To" represents authentic, upper-echelon hip-hop, establishing Nate Husser as a significant name crashing into the UK's consciousness.

Opening with the mellow-trap cut "Dark Songs Intro," setting the stage with shady pianos and sharp percussive textures. Nate Husser showcases his menacing cadence, as R&B vocalist Lyfe Harris joins in with intimate harmonies as together, they depict their vigorous lifestyles now flourishing in the fruits of their success.

As you dive deeper into the album, you'll find tracks like "Body" featuring Eva Shaw, "Hypebeast," and "Earth Day," where Nate effortlessly glides atop chest-rattling 808s and spacey synths.

Concluding with "Up The Pipe," featuring BROCKHAMPTON affiliate Merlyn Wood, Nate's talents shine with authority and menace as his deep-rooted influence at the street level and visionary conviction are clear markers of a growing talent. In his own words, Nate explains,

"What you're getting out of me in this project is the sounds and energies that came from me leveling up in new territories and in all aspects of life. The transmuted energy that came from all the challenges I faced when making sacrifices, leaving all that's not for me to make room for what is. I don't got nothing to prove. Nothing to lose. Feel me or fear me!"

From modelling for Ye's YZY clothing line to his entrepreneurial mindset with community-led activations, Nate Husser is a true alchemist of the creative arts. With "Dark Songs To Drive To," he's poised for international crossover success, making him an artist on the fast rise.

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