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Following a run of acclaimed club-ready singles, South London-born artist and producer Nate Brazier has released his debut EP 'YSK". Working with creative director Arran Ashan to create a 6-track visual EP which sets the perfect introduction to Nate’s nocturnal world.

Nate Brazier’s artistry is injecting a breath of fresh air into the alt-dance space, bringing colour to greyscale coming-of-age moments. Incorporating elements of future garage, alternative R&B and two-step, his music is steeped in the heritage of electronic music – but the difference is he’s writing about his teenage years. Think late-night street-roaming, listening to music in parked cars and curbing hometown monotony with your chosen family. Nate set the tone for his forthcoming debut EP via a string of acclaimed singles - ‘Inertia’ and ‘Feels’ emerged amidst the clamour of fans calling for new music after getting hooked on Nate’s first offering, ‘Patterns,’ and the accompanying videos, which made you wish you’d been out with him and his friends the night before.

The resulting body of work is what Nate calls

“an adolescent museum”, as he explains: "I wrote this EP over my teenage years and I think there’s a beauty to this period in life - living in your own world, growing up with your friends and this EP embodies all of that. I want to champion that nostalgia - the beauty in the mundane and my generation’s fears of coming-of-age.”

In such a short space of time, Nate Brazier is an essential new artist to watch.

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