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Manchester-Based Producer N3RD Takes The Iconic R&B Hit 'Be Happy' Into the Dance Music Realm.

Multi-platinum producer N3RD is back in the spotlight with his latest release, 'Be Happy (So Sweet),' a testament to N3RD's ability to infuse new life into an iconic R&B classic, making it equally suitable for the dancefloors and airwaves of today.

Sampling the timeless 'Be Happy' by Mary J. Blige, N3RD gives this R&B staple a vibrant, house-infused makeover. Boasting punchy beats, sharp hi-hats, and infectious vocal lines, N3RD is making it a standout anthem with all the makings of a club-ready single. N3RD reflects on the release, stating,

"I was sitting in bed one day and decided to grab this Mary J. Blige acapella sample. Fifteen minutes later, I'd finished it, uploaded it to TikTok, and it just went off crazy. It ended up reaching the #2 spot on the SoundCloud worldwide charts behind Calvin Harris at #1 - it's been a mad one!"

'Be Happy (So Sweet)' has already taken TikTok by storm, reaffirming N3RD's position as one of the UK's hottest and most innovative producers.

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