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To be familiar with the talent of muva of Earth feels like a great privilege. For the last four years, a steady stream of releases has showcased a fantastic ability, accompanied by their performances across the UK and Europe.

With this first release of the year, muva of Earth continues in her exploration of a unique sonic landscape. Blending spiritual mantras and conscious lyricism; her music fusing afro-futurism, jazz, classical and more, is truly transformative.

‘heaven hear me above’ begins with shimmering chimes, before keys and vocals consume the listeners’ attention. The lyrics land like affirmations. The content matter centres around ‘what it means to be proud of what makes you unique’, in muva of Earth’s own words. ‘I am centred and aligned with nature's grace’ is a fantastic opening sentiment. It sets the tone for a track brimming with captivating convictions.

The harp is a feature of the instrumentation on this track, expertly played by muva of Earth, to further indicate the musical prowess of the young artist. The vocal performance goes from strength to strength, with the harp adding to an undulating build and release throughout the track. Whilst this offering is pushing the six-minute-mark, the final crescendo results in the listener wanting more. Time flies by through the journey of this celestial song.

‘heaven hear me above’ is the first release from muva of Earth’s debut project, ‘align with Nature’s Intelligence’. A meditative project, centred around vulnerability, healing, and an evolved way of thinking; this 8-track collection is off to a wonderful start with this first single. The project, to be released on Brownswood Recordings, is shaping up to be a defining moment for muva of Earth’s artistic evolution. muva of Earth, born as Davina, was raised by Nigerian parents to be strong and independent. Her career thus far has progressed boldly, with the steps taken indicating a creative with seemingly limitless boundaries. Her opening for Erykah Badu late last year seems remarkably fitting, with muva of Earth possessing a similar transcendental energy.

With ‘heaven hear me above’ offering the first glimpse into this upcoming project, it will undoubtedly be received with the warm adoration it will deserve.

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