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Murkage Dave
Last week saw the return of East Londoner Murkage Dave with his double A-sided single, 'Violence In Me' featuring Jaykae and 'Never Sing Olly Olly Olly Again.'

But that's not all, along with this exciting new music, Dave is dropping a sequel to his acclaimed 2022 album, 'The City Needs A Hero,' aptly titled 'The City Needs... Part Deux,' which is scheduled for release on November 2nd.

Throughout 'Violence In Me,' Murkage Dave pours his heart out over a church organ, wrestling with the complex relationship he has with religion and his own inner battles. Taking a poignant turn with a confessional rap verse from Birmingham icon Jaykae, set against the backdrop of tough rolling 808 drums, Murkage Dave once again showcases why he is such a leading name in the scene.

'Never Sing Olly Olly Olly Again' is more of a celebration of newfound self-confidence as Dave looks back on his youth and his involvement in the rave scene, which was marked by a lack of self-belief. With Canadian producer & DJ Ryan Hemsworth's touch, the song combines emotional stadium guitars with lilting hip-hop drums.

Following Dave's journey, he tries to avoid a reunion with people who remember him from the club nights he used to run. As the song unfolds, our hero learns that he can be sensitive and sometimes introverted, gaining a newfound ability to make better sense of his past.

Murkage Dave's return is not just a musical journey but a reflection of life, identity, and growth, promising a powerful and emotional experience for listeners.

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