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East London's massive singer-songwriter Murkage Dave has given us all the valentines day treat we all needed in the form of the 'I Don't Do Love Songs - A Valentines Compilation', including a mixture of new and old Murkage Dave serenades, equal parts honest and direct.

Releasing 'Get The Girl Save The World' last month we were given our first taste of what to expect as we dive into the project. The lead single 'The Pact' confronts the aftermath of an amicable breakup as we see the ex-lovers work through the struggles of moving on. There is no doubt that this project is a true modern-day love story with Dave sharing his innermost personal feelings as he lays them all out for us all to see. Featuring fan favourites, 'Put You On My Shoulders', and 'White Nikes In The rain', this is the perfect wrap-up of everything Murkage Dave is all about. With only one guest appearance across the project from a long-term friend, Manga Saint Hilaire, on the massive track 'Big Man But I'm Shy', this isn't one you want to miss.

Following his momentous year of 2022 which saw the release of his sophomore album 'The City Needs A Hero', a country-wide tour playing in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and finishing the tour in London. Murkage Dave is a man of the people, constantly connecting with his fans on a one-on-one basis, emphasizing real-world connectivity as well as digital. He is not afraid to go where others wont and owns this as a superpower which makes him stand out from the masses.

This year is set to be a massive year for Murkage Dave, With multiple performances across the summer and rumours of more releases, we are fully locked into Murkage Dave.

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